(updated Sept. 11th 2007)

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Product Overview Rating Reviews
Learn and Master Guitar
Most complete in terms of quantity and VERY high quality. On the high
end of the cost scale, but worth it.
For the SERIOUS guitar player.
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Completely computer-based. More affordable than # 1
but not as comprehensive as our top pick. Instant
access is a BIG PLUS.
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Guitar Tutor Pro Lots of material but not as high of quality as Jamorama,
and no videos either.
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"Learn to Play Guitar" Products: Effective or Crap?
Interested in taking guitar lessons via DVDs or computer software? Well there are A LOT of "learn guitar" software programs and DVD packages available these days. I can barely keep up! And guess what? Most of them are pure CRAP. As a private teacher for almost 10 years, I understand that most beginning students really want to learn:

* How to play and remember 100's of their favorite songs
* How to learn to read guitar TAB and also play by ear, QUICKLY
* How to play and sing at the same time
* How to improvise and play cool solos

The products below are the "Cream of the Net" when it comes to beginner guitar lesson products. Our top pick is Learn and Master Guitar for its extremely thorough and professional presentation, but Jamorama came in a close second as a great program for those on a smaller budget who are willing to take courses via their computer.

** NOTE: If you are an intermediate guitar player primarily looking to increase your speed and/or play better lead guitar then you might prefer this site.


Learn and Master Guitar

What it is: 10 DVD's, 5 CD's, and a comprehensive 108-page lesson book.

Overview: Is on the high end price-wise, but a great choice for people really serious about learning guitar.

Highlights: The undisputed # 1 training product for someone wanting to learn how to play the guitar. This is the most professional and high-quality presentation of all the "learn guitar" products- from the materials to the packaging to the trainers. What really sets this product apart is the free support they offer through their website. Buyers of Learn and Master Guitar can login to a question and answer forum where your questions are normally answered in 24 hours or less. This is a very valuable feature to someone just starting out who may have "newbie" questions that can be quickly answered by the professionals. Overall, this program gets the highest rating for its top-notch trainers, materials, and support.

Nitty Gritty: Depending on the package, it can be a little expensive, but has a 60-day money back guarantee. **Note: Try to get it on a sale day. They aren't often (every couple months it seems) but if you can get it on sale, you might want to snag it.

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What it is: 150 Online Video Lessons, thousands of lines of tab, multiple video clips and jam-tracks, and 400+ Sound Files

Overview: Almost our # 1 rated because of its value and volumes of information. A more affordable training program but also is delivered 100% via your computer. Entire products is downloaded via e-books and e-courses.

Highlights: This is a very good program with loads of information to help you learn how to play some popular tunes quickly and affordably. Buyers can get started immediately as all of the materials are downloaded upon the completion of the transaction. Jamorama is accepted as the best software-based instruction program available (has even been featured in Guitar World Magazine). Some may find the delivery method a problem as you will have to be in front of your computer while going through the lessons (it can be a bit annoying at first) but overall, it is a great value for the price.

Nitty Gritty: Jamorama almost made the #1 spot on price alone (it really is dirt cheap) and with a 60-day money back guarantee. The 3 bonus products are super cool as well. A great course if you really want to learn your favorite songs. **Note: Site says price will increase soon, but it never has. Not sure why, it's an insane amount of info for the money. Also available in Acoustic Guitar and Lead Guitar versions.

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Guitar Tutor Pro

What it is: Downloadable Lesson Files, Audio Files, and Pictures

Overview: Another computer-based training program but not as comprehensive as our # 1 and # 2 picks.

Highlights: Has some helpful music theory instruction, which the Jamorama material lacks, but unfortunately does not provide any video clips which can be very helpful in tying together the lessons and audio files. While there are some nice bonuses within the product files, it does not compare to the total package offered from Jamorama. It is still, however, an affordable solution to someone on a limited budget.

Nitty Gritty: Guitar Tutor Pro is also inexpensive and has a 60-day money back guarantee

Product Overview Rating Reviews
Guitar Made Easy
Not as thorough as the Top 3 but is very inexpensive and
contains good enough info to get started correctly.
Guitar Lessons Pro Again, not as in-depth as the others but is also very
inexpensive and a worthy alternative to Guitar Made
--Nick Siegal for